Many at times, students take up Commerce stream due to lack of interest or fear of Science !! So, you decided on Commerce Stream after 10th Stardard and now have completed your 12th Boards. What next ?? There are a plethora of top courses after 12th Commerce that one can undertake. We will look at some under graduate, post graduate and professional courses that one can pursue.

Under Graduate Courses

The top course after 12th Commerce is undoubtedly Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com). It is a three year general degree and lays the foundation for many post graduate and professional courses. So, if you are still not clear on what field you want to work in, you can test waters while pursuing B.Com. Another such general degree is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

However, if you are inclined towards Economics, then you can opt for Bachelors in Economics (BA Economics). If law is your preferred choice, then you can go for Bachelor of Law (LLB) or even a five year integrated BA LLB after 12th Class.

Bachelors in Maths or Statistics is always a general option that you can pursue if you are comfortable with numbers. They will help you in any post graduate or professional course later on.

Post Graduate Courses

Normally very few opt for Masters in Commerce (M.Com) as many tend towards any of the professional courses or MBA. Management is a highly versatile degree and a MBA from a reputed B-School will give you the initial boost required in your career. Masters in Economics, Mathematics and Statics are all options available if you had opted for them in your under graduation. There are many newer options that are available now like Actuarial Economics, Financial Engineering, Research & Business Analytics, Environmental Economics, Applied Quantitative Finance which are treated at par with some of the professional courses.

Professional Courses

One of the most popular and sought after professional course by Commerce stream students is the coveted Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course. Other professional courses are Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) and Company Secretary (CS). Regional Chapters of institutes that offer the above professional courses are spread across the country and information is available on their websites. Links to each of the institute websites is as below.

I will write in detail about each of these three key professional courses that are chosen by many. In case of a MBA, the difficulty level is high at the time of admission. Once you crack the entrace test, then the chances of completing your degree is very high. However, in case of these professional courses, the admission and entry criteria is very easy. Hence, the enrollment percentage is high in all these courses. However, successful completion is extremely difficult and therefore many drop out at different stages and only a few committed ones finish the course.

Other professional courses albeit less popular but equally difficult and rewarding include Actuary, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Analyst among others.


As outlined there are many top courses after 12th Commerce. Of all the streams, I personally feel Commerce is the most versatile of all and gives a whole range of career options to choose from. It is important to choose your career wisely. Success is possible in any chosen field if you have the necessary passion and drive. So, take your time, analyse available options and choose wisely !!

I have just given you a very brief overview in this article. Keep watching this space for more details on specific courses and career options thereafter.