About Me - FrugalGirl.in

Hi, I am Ramya. Born and brought up in Chennai by a fairly modern conservative tambrahm family if you know what I mean!!

I grew in a joint family set up. My grandparents stayed with us and I owe a lot of my perception on life to the habits and values that they inculcated in me quite early. I read the newspaper alongside my Thatha. Stepped into the kitchen the very first time at the age of 10 as Paati wanted me to learn survival skills. But, apparently survival skills according to them also included a visit to the local post office where I opened my first savings account (with a shiny passbook) and deposited Rs.100 almost every month without fail.

It was fascinating to watch the lady at the post office add up my savings and add a little more 😊 err … yeah, the interest which I took time to understand. Thus, unknowingly started my tryst with the world of finance. I grew up clouded by aspirations to become a doctor (well maybe because I did not understand what exactly an engineer does) up to grade 9.

My dad probably played the biggest role in shaping me up and I owe whatever I am today to him. I remember accompanying him to the medical shop he owned and help him write down the sales for the day and use the calculator to total the columns end of the day. It gave a young girl in pigtails a sense of pride and accomplishment. Of course, the visits did entail a few treats 😊

My dad is a man of few words unlike the rest of us. We have probably had 3-4 serious one on one conversations altogether so far! But each one was probably life changing and gave me a completely different perception of things around me.

The very first such conversation was when I was studying for the 10th board exams. We had to decide on our majors for class 11 and 12. I distinctly remember the way he laid out all the options in front of me and analyzed probable outcomes in each scenario. End of the conservation I had decided to take up commerce stream and aim for the coveted Chartered Accountancy course. Though in hindsight I can tell that he probably tactfully pushed me into taking the decision. He has this uncanny knack of making us believe it was actually our choice and decision while the truth is entirely different. Well, I let him go off the hook as it has only done me good (I guess I do not have a choice too 😊).

So, passed my 12th with 95% and joined B.Com at Stella Maris College where I finished second with a silver medal to my credit. Simultaneously joined two professional courses and became a qualified Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant by the time I turned 23. Thanks to my mom who had drilled into me and herself that it is important that I qualify before marriage (now you understand why I said we were a modern conservative family) and so pushed me beyond my boundaries to achieve the same! Fast forward now ……… married to a (rank holder) Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary and we have a beautiful daughter in Grade 1 who hates numbers!!

I have had a successful stint with some of South India’s leading conglomerates, family offices and boutique investment firms and continue to do so by God’s grace. It has been more than a decade now wherein I have spent majority of my time with Excel, numbers, and financial statements!!

Many of my friends or extended family have sought my help during the dreaded tax filing / planning phases of the year and some investment advice every now and then. I believe finance is an integral part of everyone’s life and it is probably one of the survival skills I would like to inculcate in every kid of today irrespective of their career choice.

This blog is an attempt (thanks to my brother) to help young minds understand about personal finance, career options in finance, simple investment ideas and tips to help not only save the money you earn but also make it work a little extra for you 😊

So welcome to my magical world of finance and numbers.